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ACF Bookens

Monograph and Murder (Poe Baxter Books Series Book 4)

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Travel to Syria isn’t always the safest choice, but it isn’t the political tension that’s the danger for Poe. No, the danger is linked to her latest book acquisition. 

Poe Baxter once heard a man say if he could travel anywhere in the world, he’d visit Damascus, and she hasn’t thought about a visit to the city since. So when she hears that a rare codex from the 1st century has come onto the market there, she and Beattie book the next flight to see if they can buy it. Yet, when they arrive, they find there’s much more at stake than just a rare scroll.

Can centuries of secrets be unearthed safely? Or do they need to be buried again?

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About the Author

ACF Bookens is a lover of small towns, charming but imperfect people, and animals of all sorts but especially plump cats and loyal pooches. The St. Marin’s Cozy Mystery Series and the Stitches In Crime Series are her first of what she hopes will be many cozy series.


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