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ACF Bookens

Needle You Mind (Stitches in Crime Series Book 11)

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It was supposed to be a simple salvage job. A couple mantels, some doorknobs... but definitely not a dead body.

Paisley Sutton is sad to see an old Craftsman cottage be gutted, but she’s at least glad she gets to salvage some of the pieces. But when she finds the body of an older woman, still warm, in the house’s kitchen, she finds herself tangled up in a mystery that has ties to the house’s original owner.

Who wanted an old woman dead? Do they want the same for Paisley?

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About the Author

ACF Bookens is a lover of small towns, charming but imperfect people, and animals of all sorts but especially plump cats and loyal pooches. The St. Marin’s Cozy Mystery Series and the Stitches In Crime Series are her first of what she hopes will be many cozy series.


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